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Plunge and wire EDM technology is used in treatment of difficult-to-cut materials, where there is a high level of complexity in shape, difficult or impossible to achieve through traditional machining.

The method used in our company makes possible to work wherever tool access to material is difficult.

Drilling is performed by means of a graphite or copper electrode.

he design stage of molding and special tools is developed by latest CAD / CAM programs, supported by engineers who are both experienced and constantly raising their qualifications. The whole stage is launched in close cooperation with customers, so the project may be implemented efficiently and as per customer requirements.

Thanks to modern CNC machines with intelligent control system, Bepolplast company may offer:

1) Milling (including graphite milling)
2) Turning
3) Electroerosion
4) Laser welding

At production of injection and special tools molds, Bepolplast uses EDM technology, electrodes made of graphite.

Graphite electrodes, as compared to copper ones, are cheaper, easier and faster to process. Moreover, their wear factor is almost zero.

Through the use of graphite electrodes, we are able to significantly reduce manufacturing costs and speed up execution of tooling.

Be inspired by graphite potential!!!!