Above 25 years of experience. Innovative technologies.
We offer plastic overmoulding of metal inserts. We have an innovative machine park specially adapted to this type of production technology.
The technology makes it possible to combine different materials or colors into uniform elements of high-quality plastic. Use the potential and unlimited design possibilities.

25 years of experience in injection moulding mass production.

We have the newest generation injection machines  which use the most modern technical solutions, machines are controlled by microprocessors and equipped with industrial robots. Those machines can record programs on an electronic carrier and are equipped in the package of quality control that ensures repeatability, the highest quality of the product and perfect precision.

We are environmentally-friendly company – we use closed water circulation, and the production plastic waste is regranulated and reused in the production of small parts that do not have to meet high quality standards. Stock of machine tools is systematically changed, modernized and improved.

Injection moulding