We offer long-term injection production services
Over 25 years of know-how of the company in traditional injection technology. Machine park of leading German manufacturers.
We offer plastic overmoulding of metal inserts. We have an innovative machine park specially adapted to this type of production technology.
The technology makes it possible to combine different materials or colors into uniform elements of high-quality plastic. Use the potential and unlimited design possibilities.

We produce suspension elements for the automotive industry, but also furniture elements, masking elements and closing metal profiles as well as other technical fittings of a high quality with a full tool service
Our products prove to be useful everywhere that they can be found:

  • big pressure
  • aggressive influence of the environment
  • adverse physical movement conditions
  • immediate closeness and contact with food products.

We produce two-material elements using the overmoulding technology.
We process high-technology thermoplastics, composite and standard plastics in a full range of colors.

The combination of abilities and experience of our specialists with a modern stock of machine tools as well as the newest technologies enables to achieve reliable repeatability and perfect precision of the products we produce.