Texturing of injection molds using laser ablation allows for applying a unique mark on a plastic component with unlimited repeatability.

Industry 4.0 in the production of plastic components.

Textures on 3D geometries have endless possibilities in various industries.
The new era of plastic component production begins here.
Unlimited design possibilities in the highest standards of environmental protection.

Elementy z tworzyw sztucznych uzyskiwane w procesie wtrysku na wtryskarkach tworzywa drewnopochodnego. Powierzchnia uzyskana w efekcie zastosowania technologii laserowego teksturowania form wtryskowych.


Laser texturing technology provides endless design possibilities for designers across various industries.

Among others:

  • automotive
  • electronic
  • furniture elements
  • packaging
  • light and decorative elements

The possibilities are truly limitless with laser texturing technology, allowing designers from various industries to explore new realms of design and innovation.


The technology enables the application of a distinctive mark on the injection mold based on the customer’s specific requirements.

Teksturowanie laserowe formy wtryskowej na maszynie z technologią ablacji.
Drewnopochodny element z plastiku uzyskany z wykorzystaniem technologii ablacji laserowej form wtryskowych oraz obtrysku metalem


Laser texturing technology, unlike traditional methods that involve chemical substances, is an erosion-based technology that vaporizes the material without causing any environmental harm.